Fire & Intruder Alarms

One of the most important aspects of your home security or that of your building is protecting it and the people within it, from any kind of harm. Alongside our vast array of access control solutions both internally and externally such as perimeter fencing, we can supply you with alarm systems that will give you peace of mind whether you are in the building or away from it.

We can deliver a complete package of both fire and intruder alarms, for commercial and residential properties, tailored to meet your specific needs. Installing them, will give you peace of mind and we can even provide you with the right resources to help manage your business’ safety and security needs, such as fire blankets, fire extinguishers and fire proof cabinets.

We have an integrated approach to security provision, incorporating CCTV or video surveillance systems, a variety of external access control solutions, perimeter fencing and internal biometric security should you require it. We also ensure that you can minimise the risk of fire and Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

We provide a number of different packages from basic property protection to full life protection and remote monitoring alarm systems. We can install wireless alarm systems that are monitored 24/7 or if you are happy with a simple deterrent, then we can install these as part of our basic protection package.

These days, many of the insurance companies expect the insured premises to be fully alarmed. This is worth bearing in mind when you are choosing the type of system to invest in. Remember that the police won’t investigate a ringing alarm unless there is evidence of criminal activity so having a monitored alarm service installed, will provide that evidence immediately. By securing your property with alarms sourced from us, we will help you to reduce insurance premiums and ensure that the insurance legislations are met and all your assets are protected.

Our fire alarm systems have the capability to detect a fire at the earliest stage so that the premises can be evacuated swiftly and safely. The evacuation alarm can be either a traditional bell, electronic sound, visual or voice alarm. Our integrated fire detection systems can include fixed extinguishers such as water sprinklers and can also be part of a large control panel that works on a windows-based PC interface, which includes event and action programming allowing an unlimited number of devices to be attached to it. This digital technology can provide information about the fire as it starts and even continues to work as the fire spreads. Being able to monitor the fire is invaluable in the fight to protect all areas of your organisation.

Our alarms come as single use or multi sensor detectors such as the fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors.

Whatever type of intruder or fire alarm system you require, we can source a system that is compliant with BS5839 and accredited by NSI NACOSS Gold Standards and BAFE SP203.

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