Securicomms supply either digital IP cameras or convert your existing analogue cameras into an IP system thus making all footage available to view online from your PC/Mac, tablet or smart phone.

Our engineers will either install new cabling, adapt existing cabling or provide a wireless network.

Detailed below are examples of cameras available but please call to discuss your requirements and one of our experts can begin to advise you on the best solution.

IP Cameras

Mobotix Q24

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360º Hemispheric Camera
Virtual Pan, Tilt, Zoom
Records entire room

Night Vision

All cameras supplied by Securicomms are Day/Night cameras. These record as colour cameras when there is sufficient light and when the light fails the infra red facility will override and recording will be in black and white.

Colour only cameras are obviously available and are widely used internally and externally with security lighting. However, experience says that power outages often coincide with a need for cctv recording!

Power to our cameras is supplied along the standard Cat 5/6 network cable and runs to a Power over Ethernet switch (POE) which sits alongside the Network recorder. All Securicomms systems are completed by a UPS (uninterruptable power supply). Of a duration and power depending on usage.

Covert Surveillance

The traditional covert camera is analogue and sits in a smoke detector or P.I.R (Passive Infra Red) housing.

Securicomms provides a bespoke solution and will fit our IP cameras to the clients design.

All wiring completely hidden as is the location and existence of the camera on the hard drive recording system. This means that no one looking at the monitor or playback can either see the existence or access these cameras without the appropriate passwords.

Warehouse Applications CCTV

For clients that own a store area or a warehouse that has a lot of floor space to cover, we would consider the use of a track and carriage CCTV system. This works by mounting two cameras on a carriage that speed along tracks from one end of the room to the other. The angled view is 360 degrees. Most of these types of cameras can carry up to 60 preset programs and can also be operated by a controller and a joystick. There are both pan, zoom and tilt movements in these cameras.

Wide Angle, High Resolution CCTV

Some applications, such as football stadia, require an extremely high resolution camera. These can go as high as 21 mega pixels. They are a great deterrent for trouble among spectators as they are able to provide facial recognition from 90m wide to 60m away. They are equipped with zoom as well and have memory capacity to record for up to 30 days, which is remarkable. 3 cameras can work on a network at the same time and each one is equipped with a wide angle lens for larger area coverage.

Number Plate Recognition NPR CCTV

More and more people are using NPR technology as part of their access control security measures. NPR has come a long way and with the right camera and software can not only recognize a number plate but also the driver of a vehicle. NPR is TCP/IP workable and can therefore be part of any existing or newly developed network. The camera can operate in both daytime and nighttime conditions (colour for day and infrared for night) and in most cases can capture an image up to 50m away. NPR technology exists of a camera as well as a software engine. It works by viewing an image and finding a rectangular image to capture; it then takes a number of images , sends them to the software to cross check the database of number plate numbers. Once this has occurred and a clear identification has been ascertained, the rest of the area can be captured including the driver of the vehicle. NPR is functional and reliable for access control purposes, allowing only authorized vehicles onto site, but can also be used simply to log all vehicles and their length of stay to generate car park charges.

Security Lighting

To offer your application, whether commercial, domestic or industrial 360 degree security, we have access to a most extensive range of security lighting which can be easily installed by our professional team at the same time as the CCTV or on its own. We offer all types of lighting from halogen and low energy lighting to PIR (Passive Infrared which means a switch is activated by the IR to turn the light on or off) sensor lighting and ‘dusk to dawn’ photocell switching.

Whatever your application needs are, we can meet them. Deciding on lighting is relatively easy, though some lighting may require planning permission and some may not get planning permission. It is however essential that you do your research (we can help you) on this first of all, especially if you are installing CCTV that requires additional lighting, as this will depend on your choice of CCTV camera.

We offer anything from Robotic floodlights, with or without intruder alarms, asymmetrical lights and twin spot floodlights which give you 180 degrees sensor capability. We can install floodlight with wireless PIR and a remote control or a wall switch and floodlights with chime where a signal is sent silently to a receiver if an intruder is detected. One of the most popular lights that are installed are the Nightwatcher PIR lights which track the movement of any intruders.

As well as security lighting we can of course supply any range of aesthetic indoor or outdoor lighting that you require from up-lighters to lanterns. We also work with a large range of electricians and technicians whom we consult with on a regular basis. This enables us to have firsthand knowledge and easy access to the latest technological advances in lighting, both domestic and commercial. Should you require emergency lighting in case of power cuts or illuminated signs for emergency exits or specialist low bay lighting for adverse weather conditions, we can help. Please contact us for further information or to arrange a time for us to visit you.

Network Video

Securicomms megapixel cctv cameras installed on Cat 5 (standard network) cable.

Cable run from camera to wiring cabinet and connected to Network Video Recorder (NVR)

NVR connected to your internet router

Cameras or recordings can now be watched or controlled by your smartphone, iPad, laptop from wherever in the World.

Vice versa if any of the cameras are installed in properties abroad