Parking Barriers

At Securicomms we pride ourselves in providing exceptional traffic management solutions to companies in order to help prevent unauthorised access to their premises, keeping the company, the staff and their clients secure. We install highly durable and long lasting barriers that give you efficient increase in your level of security at the same time as giving you many years of robust and reliable service with very little continual maintenance required. Securicomms can supply and install a variety of parking barriers, both automated and manual to fit your needs. It may be that you are looking for an automated traffic control system for your office car park, a residential site or perhaps a shopping centre. Whatever the need, we can help you. We can provide a manual arm parking barrier which is relatively low maintenance and low cost to you, and can be either galvanised or powder coated or we can install an automated traffic barrier which is available either as heavy or medium duty.

All barriers vary in length and will be supplied according to your requirements, pending a thorough consultation with you and a survey of the environment into which it will be installed.

There are a variety of options regarding the control of the automated barriers. They can be controlled with a swipe card or key fob or can be coin or token operated. There are also options to have entry or exit loops fitted under the ground or a selection of wired or wireless intercom options should you require them.

The barriers are of course all weather proof and can be coloured according to your company's brand identity. In most cases it is possible to have special features attached to the barriers, such as hanging racks or barrier skirts as well as the option for a folding arm and impact release. If you wish, they can also be fitted with high visibility striping. Please contact Securicomms directly if you would like further information on how to have full control over access to your premises.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are available for commercial or domestic purposes. All gates are bespoke and can be tailored to your specific needs.

At Securicomms we have a vast selection of automatic gate options available to you. The type of material you would like the electric gate made from, the requirement of the gate and the level of security that you wish it to bring you are just some of the decisions we will help guide you through. Deciding on the type of gate is often down to the ground and environment in which it is to be installed. A survey will be conducted and in most instances the environment will dictate the type of gate available to you. If there is a sloping drive, you may be better placed to have a sliding gate than a swing gate and if there is not enough room for a sliding gate on the side of the railings you may need a swing gate or perhaps a bi-opening sliding gate.
Our gate designs can be made from a myriad of different materials. We can supply metal gates and railings, often decorative and beautiful, made in wrought iron. We have available a large selection of wooden gate designs which are made of timber of varying types such as kiln-dried oak with steel bars or tongue and groove cedar gates.

For commercial businesses we often recommend strong, rigid and versatile gates made from metal, with railings to match. These are easy to install and very good value, giving you just the right level of protection. We are also able to supply electric fencing for a high level of protection for government buildings, external storage areas as well as military basis.

All electric gates have varying options for access and again this depends on what your specific needs are. You can choose from control panels and remote controls to digital passcodes and magnetic key readers. Some gates can even be coin operated and all have the option of having wired or wireless intercom installed. You can choose from intercom or videocom as well as the latest in access technology called GSM audio or SIM intercom which works by calling your mobile phone when you have a visitor and gives you the option for door release on your mobile phone keypad.

Whatever your security gate needs, please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss them with you. At Securicomms we always find the right solution for you.

Sliding Gates

Securicomms will provide you with a number of options for sliding gates, but the site survey will determine whether a certain gate functionality is better than another. We offer a free site survey for your application and can help and advise you on matters of groundwork, technical information, cabling, equipment and specifications. We take safety very seriously at Securicomms and only supply gates that adhere to the British Standards Safety Regulations BSI

A sliding gate may not be the best solution for everyone, as the type of gate you will have to install will depend upon the space available. However, one of the major reasons why you should consider installing a sliding gate (if your environment allows it) is because it is incredibly secure. Unlike a swing gate, there is no natural fulcrum to a sliding gate, making it ram proof, as nothing will give way and no slight opening could be made bigger. It is of exceptionally high security whether automated or manual.

All sliding gates, whether tracked, bi-fold or cantilever are available as manual or automated gates. Automated gates provide a high level of security, keeping both vehicles and pedestrians out and minimising intrusions. The automated gates work in conjunction with an access control system or are monitored remotely via surveillance cameras. Either way, the gate will only be opened by authorised personnel.

Every automated gate has to be operated by a motor which is operated by an access control system. The form of access control will depend on your budget and your security needs. Securicomms can help you decide which type of access control system would be most beneficial to you. It is extremely important that the correctly sized motor is chosen to work a specific gate. The two must match or the motor won't work or will stop working too soon. In order to determine which type of motor is best for your application, we will work out the gate specification (the span and the weight) and collaborate with you to ascertain how many times an hour or in a 24 hour period you will need to open and close the gate. It might be a viable solution to keep the gate open at peak times of the day, in order to save the usage of the motor. If most of the people entering the gate at peak times walk through the gate, we can consider installing a pedestrian gate on the side which will keep down the amount of times the electric gate has to open. As an example, a medium duty gate of 4m long can do up to 500 operations in 24 hours, whereas an 8m gate of the same weight can do only 430 operations in that same period.

When you consider choosing your gate, you will need to look at the three main types of sliding gates; Tracked gates, Cantilever gates, Bi-fold gates. Tracked gates provide very high security and can span up to 60 metres and around 6metres in height. They are available in both steel and timber. Tracked gates run along a track in the ground, as the name would suggest. This means that they can only run along the ground if the ground is level, without any incline and free from obstructions. It is a major safety risk if the ground is not level. Tracked Gates can be a little noisy in comparison to Cantilever gates, but do offer a high level of security from top to bottom. Tracked gates are incredibly robust. They are, like the other gates, corrosion resistant and can be either single leaf/double leaf or concertina/bi-folded.

Cantilever gates are also sliding gates and will cover a clear opening of up to 20 metres, but unlike the tracked gates, they do not run along the ground. Cantilever gates are pretty flexible on costs and in size requirements, as they do not require the sliding track on the ground. The gates run on an aluminium or steel channel or beam which has been bolted down to a concrete base. They run on nylon rollers which make them quieter than tracked gates and the beam is set slightly above the ground – about 50-80mm. This has been done to avoid any obstructions such as railway lines or perhaps an unlevel road or a road with an incline. It is a superb solution as an alternative sliding gate.

Bi-fold gates are often single or double leaf, with individual drive units. They have double locking facilities, and are often required to be operated on the traffic light system to make them extremely safe. They are considered speed gates as they are not often used for larger area spans, and are able to open at 1 metre per second. They come with inbuilt safety features such as buffers and infa-red beam which are part of the standard fitting requirements.

Should you wish for extra security measures to be in place, Securicomms can also supply you with a high quality mesh, palisade or tube infill for your gate and anti-scale barriers, should this be necessary. If you are investigating a gate for your home, we are also able to provide you with more elegant and ornate solutions to your boundary needs.

At Securicomms we are not only security conscious but also safety aware. We ensure that there is a manual override facility on our gates, so that they don't close on unsuspecting customers or staff, in case of power failure. We only supply gates from safety conscious suppliers which means that they too have to adhere to the British Standards in relation to gate safety BS EN 12978 and BS EN 12453. We ensure that the gates we recommend have safety buffers, anti-trap measures, danger signs if appropriate and that the run back areas are safe and secure among many other things.

Please contact Securicomms directly for a free site visit.

Rising Bollards

At Securicomms we pride ourselves in being able to provide any number of vehicle access solutions and most importantly we are there to discuss your needs with you and advise you as to the best solution for your environment and security requirements. We work with a number of different firms that specialise in vehicle access control solutions, such as the specialised design and technological aspects involved in the implementation of rising bollards. Should you require rising bollards, the process begins with a site survey alongside an experienced engineer, to discuss the options available. We can provide advice on groundwork as well as technical drawings and information on cabling. For many organisations, a simple fixed or fold-down bollard does not give them the security they seek. Instead they want a bollard that is heavy duty (something that could take the weight of a 7 ton truck at speed) and able to provide a high security option to keep their environment highly secured. This is where Securicomms would usually recommend the rising bollard.
A rising bollard is a manual or an automatic retractable bollard which comes in a one-piece casing with an integrated cast sliding and mechanical block. The whole barrier is made of extremely high impact resistance material, cast steel (thickness up to 24 mm) and usually comes with a ten year warranty. There are traditional methods of making these barriers although we tend to take advantages of the latest in technological advancements where we can and where funds permit. These bollards are pneumatic bollards and are usually used in areas such as business centres and supermarkets as well as for private use. We can also offer bespoke designed bollards based on specific architectural drawings, tailored to your needs.

The automatic rising bollard is usually operated with a proximity key or remote control but there are plenty of other options available. We can supply barriers linked to an audio or intercom, a GSM mobile device as well as an automatic number plate recognition system. The barriers are controlled by an access control system which can be networked to other parts of your building and other access areas, should you require it. The mechanical barrier is unlocked with a key and the bollard is then pushed down into the ground.

We have found that the use for retractable bollards tends to be around airports or military sites, or places with extreme security measures in place. Our Anti-terror barriers are fitted with an extra booster, enabling it to release in 0.8 seconds. It goes without saying that all barriers are weather proof and some are fitted with an extra anti-freeze option to ensure that they work in extreme cold.For the automatic barriers to work, they will also need technical control centres which are manufactured as armoured and sound proof boxes with a special locking system.

Recently, there have been some innovative management system controllers available to use with barriers as well. These are able to centrally control pedestrian areas with the use of proximity cards or digital keypads which manage the access instructions that then operate the bollards. As well as these, we are able to provide energy distribution units which can either be fixed or retractable for town centres or areas where events are to be held. These are extremely useful as they provide access to power, water as well as cable TV and telephone.

We can also offer a selection of other bollards. There are some great-value options for flexible posts and compact security posts. We can provide static posts which are made of concrete or timber and we also have a selection of fold down posts or classic frame parking post available. Should you require, we can source and provide attractive looking bollards that are fitted with lights. Whatever barrier you choose will depend on what you require of your post. One of the options that is currently very popular is the aesthetically pleasing, functional and of course robust bollards made from polyurethane. These have begun to be manufactured as an alternative to cast iron because they weigh 35% less and are far more durable.

There is a vast selection of barriers available to you so please do contact us at Securicomms with your query and one of our advisors will be on hand to point you in the right direction.


At Securicomms we believe in providing our clients with a range of ideas that would support their needs for perimeter security. One of the best ways for us to help them to prevent access to their corporation, their school or their estate, is to ensure that they have all the knowledge they need, at their finger tips. If they are looking for fencing, we can offer them a variety of styles, each providing a different functionality and each one being of a high quality. We provide our clients with the tools to be able to guard efficiently against any kind of attack of intruder.

Our clients' requests range from private to business needs. They want to protect their homes and their companies against crime. At Securicomms we offer a holistic Access Control service, including fencing, automatic gates and a variety of access control accessories such as wired or wireless intercom, GPS or coin operated parking barriers, as we believe it is always better to be safe than sorry. For many people, the threat is no longer just about vandalism or break-ins – it is a much more sophisticated and damaging threat, which is about risks to your infrastructure, identity fraud or data theft and this is where good quality, reliable and aesthetically pleasing fencing comes in.

Fencing is not just about security, it is also about aesthetics. We understand that boundaries and perimeters need to look great as well as provide versatile, sophisticated and reliable protection to your area. This is where Securicomms excels, as we work closely with a variety of suppliers that understand the client's needs for aesthetics, class and protection. Fencing is usually the first thing you see when you come to an application and we understand how important it is to make a good first impression.

For all fencing needs we ensure that a site visit is undertaken with a relevant supplier and expert in fencing installations. We listen to your needs and are able to advise you as to the best solution. There are a gamut of different types of fencing designs available. Which design may well depend on which type of application they will be installed on. Below is a taster range of the variety of fencing options that we have available to you. They are not rapid fencing solutions in the main, and are generally ordered to match your exact needs so if you would like further details and to see whether any of the types of fencing below would suit your application, please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Security Fencing

There are a number of different options for security fencing which can appeal to a many varied applications. In general, security fencing is and can be the right solution for absolutely any application. It is for those that need the security as well as a fence that is aesthetically pleasing. Securicomms understands that if we are supplying fencing for a school, we don't want it to look like a military base, however safe we want to keep our children.

Vertical bar range

The options for security fencing include a vertical bar range of fencing which is ideal for parks, schools as well as residential areas; perfect to demarcate an area and can be used in both medium and high risk situations. All fixings are hidden for extra strength and security, and the pales which are welded semis on a through-rail construction, are spaced cleverly so that there is no chance of a child getting trapped. Anti-trap pales, vandal proof rails as well as anti-climb design means that these types of fencing work well in any situation and can even be raked or stepped to accommodate a sloping area. As with most fencing, their finish is galvanised or galvanised and powder coated.

As well as the vertical bar range there are round pale metal fence options with staggered curved pales, often known as a Tri-guard range or the square pale metal security fencing that has been cut at an angle to deter climb-over. There are round pales with decorative tops which are ideal for a number of situations such as beaches, houses, estates and anywhere that requires a little more elegance.

As with most fencing, there are options for fencing with or without anti-scale barriers (barbs) as well as curved tops and other anti-intruder measures as above.

Welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing for medium and maximum security needs. This type of fencing is completely unique, totally vandal proof, and reasonably easy to install.

There are a number of different versions of the welded mesh fencing, some that have been reinforced with steel wire and zinc alloy coated which increases the resistance to corrosion, and some that come with regular mesh panels that have been combined with timber to provide privacy as well as security. These are in fact very good for keeping things out of sight and are excellent for keeping intruders away, as they are completely flat-facing, making them part of the anti-climb solutions.

There are options for double horizontal wire mesh panels which give a flat profile and an extra mesh option, delivering extremely high security. These have a V-shaped profile which reinforces the folds to increase the strength of each panel.

This type of fencing is also known as Paladin fencing and is one of the most popular types of fencing. It is a particularly unique and innovative design of mesh fencing. It is both good looking (with a sophisticated mesh pattern), easy to install, secure and strong. It is ideal for parks, schools, sports places, public building, warehouses as well as airports and playgrounds. It is a very popular and very secure option due to the flexible design, the narrow wires, the ease with which it can be installed and of course the reinforced strength of the V-shape profile.

As with any mesh fencing, there are always posts that can be used to fit security cameras, CCTV, or lights to enhance the security of your area.

Weldmesh Security Fence Rolls

Weldmesh can be purchased by the roll in 3 different types of mesh designs. It can be installed on steel, concrete or wooden posts and is available in a square mesh of 50x50mm, a rectangular mesh of 75 x 25mm rectangular mesh and in heights from 900 to 3000mm.

Nylofor System

This type of fencing comes as a complete system with panel, posts and fixings supplied along with the gates. The ease with which this is installed is reflected in its low cost. The panels are rigid, heavy welded, mesh panels and are of a high quality as well as being of maximum performance. As they come supplied in panels, they are reasonably priced and a good alternative to the other mesh fencing options. All panels and fixings are galvanised and PVC coated. There are 2 further options within the Nylofor system; Nylofor 2D super and Nylofor 3D. All systems are a fast and professional fencing option for all sorts of applications from public buildings to factories and to schools. It is modern, it is good looking, and has the same high quality feel with low maintenance, as the other secure fencing options. It comes with gates and equipped with barbed wire upon request.

High security fencing

The high security fencing options include the Securifor 358 high security fencing, an extremely well known and renowned fence because of the high performance it provides as a protective barrier, as well as being very low impact as far as the visual aspect of the fence is concerned. Many clients believe that it is important to have a visually attractive fence, that can also give you maximum security and we agree. There are two options for the Securifor 358 system – the high security option as well as the maximum security option.

High security fencing mesh

The 358 prison mesh which is anti climb and high security and can be attached to any fence, is just one of the types of high security mesh Securicomms can provide.

The types of mesh available vary greatly and depend on exactly how much security you wish for and for which type of application. Razor mesh is very versatile and will protect any property or home without being unattractive. The mesh is diamond shaped to enhance rather than detract from the building.

High security electric fencing

For high security fencing, there is nothing more secure than an electric fence. There are a variety of eclectic fencing systems available from a number of highly thought of suppliers. Electric fencing is both a very visible and extremely functional deterrent. The shock that the fences deliver are not life threatening but are certainly uncomfortable and will deter even then most persistent intruder. Many of the electric fencing solutions also include an alarm if anyone tries to tamper with fence or the electrics, and most can be either standalone or connected to a PC security management system or access control system. The electric fence can be mounted onto an existing fence or installed on its own. The fences are idea for correctional facilities or prisons, government installations, military bases as well as anywhere that needs to access to a minimum.

Metal Railings

Metal railings are widely used in parks, on country estates, at the seaside, and on playgrounds. There are a vast range of ornamental fences with gates to match. The list below indicates some of the types of fencing available. Please contact Securicomms if you wish to see further examples - there are always alternatives if none of these are the right ones for you.

  • Bow Top fencing
  • Estate railings
  • Ornamental fencing
  • Wooden fencing

Choosing the right type of fencing is very subjective. Bow Top fencing is ideal for perimeters of parks or housing estates; it is usually quite low and therefore not intruder proof and reasonably low security. It does however look great and act as a minimum security protective barrier at the same time. All of the above fencing (apart from the wooden) is made of tubular steel which is lighter than solid steel fencing which was used in the past. It is therefore easier to install but is just as sustainable.

The Ornamental fencing has been made to look like wrought iron with a number of different designs available.

The Wooden fencing is made of steel fencing posts with wooden slats in between. These are ideal in children's areas as there are no sharp edges and anti-trap design. All the wooden designs have been treated and have a 25 year lifespan at least.

This is just a small selection of railings and we would suggest that you contact us for a site visit in order to get more information on the types of fence or railings that will work for you.

Roll top Fencing

Roll top fencing comes as a complete system, much like the Nylofor system. It gives excellent visibility through the fence and is extremely rigid and tough. It rolls over on the top and at the bottom which makes it very safe and secure.

Playground fencing

Playground fencing can either be designed in timber or steel. Either way, it offers security and protection with anti-trap measures in place and is extremely durable. It is ideal to protect your children in playgrounds in schools or out of schools.

Sports Fencing

There are two types of sports fencing available, some for high usage sports and some for low impact, low usage. Sports fencing has recently had a facelift and is much more durable than the old types of fencing diamond shaped mess fencing. Sports fencing is now made of mesh which ensures that the fencing is low maintenance and very cost effective. It is safe and has flush edges to ensure that no one, child nor man, comes to harm. It is erected for games courts, as a ball stop as well as having good visibility for spectators.

Acoustic fencing

This type of fencing is generally installed as wooden fencing, and will protect a house or commercial property from noise pollution, either from a busy road or a motorway.

Specialised Fencing products

Securicomms work with suppliers who are able to provide their own fencing products to your specification. Whether you want a ball court system, bow top fencing, or a pedestrian guard railing, we can work with you and the designers to get the look just right, supplying you with your very own fence. For more details on bespoke fencing, please contact Securicomms directly.

Anti scale barriers

There are a great many versions of barbed wire and anti-scale barriers available, most of which can be easily affixed to any type of fence or wall. There are razor and barbed wire options, a razor mesh or a razor strip as well as tangle wire and wall spikes. For example, the super spike is a roll of sevens sets of spikes per meter of rotating spikes. They not only act as a barrier but also a very vivid, visual deterrent. Vanguard is also a popular option, largely with commercial sites. Vanguard is a system of aluminium tubing that has been split and cut.

Metal Gates

Metal gates are available to match your chosen fencing. Both manual and electric gate options are available on request, pending an area survey.