Wireless Networks

Types Of Network

Wireless Network Installations from Securicomms

Securicomms can offer the latest and most efficient wireless technology to you and your organisation, no matter what size your business is. We use a range of wireless solutions to ensure that you get the wireless technology that suits your organisation, providing 100% coverage at all times. Our wireless solutions range from a standard secure wireless network, to wireless telephony and VOIP (Voice over internet protocols) and wireless access control solutions, with secure firewall technology. We ensure that your network is not only highly secure, but also efficient, fast and reliable.

In the first instance we carry out a free site survey to ascertain the type of installation required. We then design and test the wireless network for you, before installation. We can install a new network where previously there was none, or upgrade your existing network. Our wireless solutions are always bespoke. We cover all environments both indoors and outdoors, design the installation and network according to the surroundings, and ensure that our solution fits within your budgetary needs.

Whatever your environment, LAN or WLAN, Securicomms can install a wifi solution to suit your needs.

Securicomms installs wireless networks for hospitals, factories and warehouse, the leisure industry as well as schools and offices. We also have the technology to install long or short term wireless hotspots for outdoor environments such as camp sites or even festivals. More and more factories are streamlining their environments with the introduction of wireless networks to make their work and supply chain processes more efficient, keeping the warehouses in direct contact with the sales, order and processing departments. If you are in the hotel business you understand that a hotel with wireless technology has a bigger pull over those that do not have wifi and how important it is to be a leader in this competitive market.

These days more and more hospitals are using wireless technology to keep their roaming users (doctors and nurses) informed about the very latest developments on patient progress. That is not all that wireless technology is able to do though. For hospitals and other organisations, it has become essential to be able to track some of their devices and machines and wireless technology offers asset tracking as part of the network. Devices that can be moved around are fitted with a tag and are therefore always visible. This is especially important in hospitals that share critical medical equipment and machinery and is a clever theft prevention solution too.

The technology that we use for small installations such as offices or small schools, and that used in the larger environments such as university campuses or hospitals varies slightly. For smaller organisations such as schools, we use the traditional Microcell Wireless technology – a highly cost effective solution for small companies, secure and very reliable. However, for larger organisations or companies that are split over a wide area, we use the advanced, next generation technology called Virtualised Single Channel. This gives the very highest level of performance and reliability both indoors and outdoors.

Securicomms also has the ability to set up a Wireless Bridge that can keep two applications/buildings that are physically separated, connected by a wireless signal. A wireless bridge is an effective way of joining buildings that are far away from each other. Most wireless bridges will have the ability to reach a distance of up to 4km. They can either have a 2.5 GHZ capacity or 5GHZ and can be installed in offices or buildings with or without a clear line of sight depending on the routers and antennas. They use antennas with a reach of either 60 degrees upwards or 120 degrees, depending on their usage and environment. If you want a wireless system set up on a campus, a hospital or any sort of environment that is has a wide local area network and where roads run in between and traditional cabling can be an obstruction both physically and financially, then wifi with a wireless bridge could be just the solution. Towns and cities are also using wireless technology and employing wireless bridges in order to be able to incorporate more and more buildings and offices, within their own network. The higher 5GHZ capacity wireless bridges are very efficient and most often the ones used in town environments.

For outdoor applications such as festivals or campsites we use a wireless mesh – we create a network between two high points such as masts or lampposts and install the radio equipment on these whilst leaving the wireless router in the site office.


Top of the range internal or external firewall security solutions that keep your organisation safe.

Security is paramount when it comes to your business. Wireless technology and the firewall security that we provide will give you peace of mind, access control and be safe in the knowledge that nothing is getting through the firewall, unless you allow it.

You business will be securely protected and all your critical information kept safe. The routers and the wireless network itself is part of the prevention of intrusion from undesirables and will help to protect against all manner of threats as well as giving you the capability to control the access to your services directly. You have full control of admissions to your system and as a network administrator, only you will be able to authenticate and authorise users and their devices to have access to your network.

Our routers have an inbuilt firewall protection system which will help against traditional threats like viruses. They not only detect, but also prevent the intrusion from happening. We ensure that security is embedded and integrated with all devices that can access the wireless network and that all devices conform to the security protocols you have set. They focus on prevention as well as detection, and proactively detect against spyware, malware and worms.

The firewall security used is top of the range and includes a reporting structure whereby you can get a comprehensive list recording the movements and authentication requests of all users.

Mobile Device Access Control Security Solutions to your Wireless Network

These days we all expect to be able to log our mobile devices such as telephones and tablets into anyone's network, wherever we are. Your staff and your users are no different, they will require this too. That is why we ensure that all users whether local users or guests can log onto your wireless network if you want them to, but that you are safe in the knowledge that you have complete access control over what they are able to do and see, once they are logged on. Adding users manually to a network used to be a costly affair for the IT department, both in time and money. Now we simply set up the network to recognise the devices, the users and their roles in the network, evaluate the machines for compliance and block any unwanted, unauthorised connections. That way everyone gets the best of both worlds; easy access with full control and peace of mind on your part.

Securicomms offers a free consultation with no commitment to buy. We will always suggest the solution most beneficial to your organisation. Our service includes the surveys, the design, and installation with post installation support or long time support built in to service level agreements with yourselves.

Benefits of a wireless network

Having wireless access points means that you can have as many users on your network as you wish or that you have physical space for. This is one of the greatest benefits of a wireless network system as it not only future proofs your organisation by making sure that as your business grows, your network can respond easily and quickly to any changes, but it also costs a great deal less. With wireless network technology, there is no need for expensive fibre optic cables, the technology itself is boundless and depending on your installation the signal can reach pretty much as far as you would like it to.

Access to all the shared technology within your environment, such as printers and copiers, is easy, so if one doesn't work, there is no time lost as the user simply switches the output to reach another. Having wireless technology also means instant access to emails and internet, which can keep your users abreast of up to the minute information. The benefits of wireless technology far outweigh those of traditional cable networks both physically and financially. If you would like further information on how installing a wireless network could benefit you, please contact Securicomms directly for an informal chat or to book a site visit.